Tailor-made multi-circuit swivel joints

Multi-circuit swivel joint, Pacquet


Discover our range of multi-circuit swivel connectors for conveying several fluids. Our multi-circuit rotary joints are tailor-made rotary unions designed according to your specifications to best meet the problems of your application.

Multi-circuit swivels are multi-passage swivels (multi-way swivels) allowing the transfer of several fluids such as air, water, oils, thermal fluids and others on your installation. There are many possibilities: our multi-circuit swivel joints also allow several different fluids to be conveyed, at different pressures between the channels and or without an electrical manifold.

Multi-circuit swivel joint, Pacquet

Main sectors of activity and applications of multi-circuit swivel joints

  • Chemistry, plastics
  • Health, pharmacy

  • Metallurgy
  • Mechanical, special machine

  • Agri-food

Discover the business sectors of Pacquet swivel joints

Some apps:

  • Packaging machines

  • Casting machines

  • Transfers of food fluids and chemical fluids on bottling lines

Multi-circuit swivel joint, Pacquet


  • Swivel unions that convey all types of fluids and gases
  • Multi-passage coupling manufactured on request based on your needs and specifications
  • Treated steel, stainless steel or other manufacturing materials depending on your application
  • Variable tensile strength according to material
  • Send us your service conditions: pressure, speed and service temperature to be defined according to your specifications
  • Main sealing by elastomer seal, composite seal or mechanical seal (contact us)

High precision swivel joints. Sealing made with wearing parts. Regular inspection required.

Multi-circuit maintenance swivel joint, Pacquet

Maintenance of your multi-way swivel joints

Also think about the maintenance of your multi-circuit swivel joints.

Our technicians provide complete expertise, repair, maintenance and refurbishment of your swivel joints in our workshops.

Send us your rotary unions and give them a new life!

Multi-circuit maintenance swivel joint, Pacquet
Multi-circuit maintenance swivel joint, Pacquet
Tailor-made multi-circuit swivel joint, Pacquet
Tailor-made multi-circuit swivel joint, Pacquet