Rotating joints are precision mechanical parts that experience extreme forces in industrial processes. Some parts, such as the bearings and seals, wear out over time and as a result of the rotational cycles. In this case, maintenance work is necessary and must be done before the machine shuts down.

The risk of a break in operations must therefore be taken into consideration as soon as any malfunction appears. Each part must be closely monitored. The slightest breakdown can have major consequences for your entire production line. Given this economic and operational reality, we have developed an expert assessment and maintenance service, the goal of which is to extend the lifetime of your swivel fittings.

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Entrust us with the preventive and curative maintenance of your rotating unions: we carry out a full expert assessment in our workshops for the refurbishment, reconditioning and reshipment of your rotating seals.

  • Customer-focused and available at all times
  • Training in the use of your rotating unions
  • Expert assessments, restoration and repair of rotating joints
  • Modification and optimisation of rotating unions

If in doubt about the extent or the nature of the maintenance to be carried out, please send us some photos to illustrate the location of the malfunction or wear. Our technicians will give you the support you need and decide on whether to repatriate the rotating union to our premises.


Preventive maintenance on rotating union, Pacquet


Most of the so-called light preventive or curative maintenance procedures, such as the replacement of worn seals, can be carried out on your premises. Our swivel fittings are delivered with detailed assembly and maintenance instructions so that you can carry out simple maintenance operations on your own.

Curative maintenance on rotating union, Pacquet


  1. Receipt of your swivel fittings to be assessed and/or repaired in our workshops
  2. Disassembly and photos of the entire assembly and detailed elements
  3. Static/dynamic seal testing, diagnostic assessments and analyses conducted by our authorised technicians
  4. A report on the findings is issued and sent internally to the Design Office for costing
  5. An analysis report on the origin of the malfunction and a detailed technical sales offer are sent before the expert assessment
  6. Comprehensive expert assessment and repair of your fittings in our workshops upon receipt of your orders
  7. Assembly, load testing and control
  8. Protection and packaging according to our quality procedures
  9. Reshipment
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