12/2018 - Article in fluid specialist magazine #89


Pacquet has been designing and selling rotary fittings for more than 42 years; i.e. rotary sealing solutions. In addition to a very strong historical presence in the steel industry, the Pacquet Raccord Tournant company also supplies many manufacturers of special machines with tailor-made solutions. The range of standard swivel joints was significantly modified in 2015 and offers a demanding clientele several families of products in different materials, for piping connections, at low or high speed, low or high pressure. The TP1100 S / B / C fittings are intended for low pressure pipe movements, while the TP2000 is configured to provide high pressure hose or pipe orientations. The TP1100F range is specifically dedicated to applications requiring the absence of retention zones (1935-2004CE Standard for example). The brand continues its ascent with more and more projects and achievements, of fittings designed in co-development. Whether in the food industry, aeronautics or special machinery, PACQUET RACCORD TOURNANT supports its customers from the blank page to assembly on the machine. The company also performs appraisal, maintenance and overhaul operations.