What is a rotating union?

A rotating union is a mechanism which typically functions by connecting a stationary supply passage and a rotating roll while preserving and isolating the fluid being transferred (through static and dynamic sealing applications) in and/out of the rotating part in the process. Liquid or gas medium transfer is combined with axial rotation use (oscillating, positioning or high-speed continuous rotation) in many industrial applications.
What are the delivery times?

Standard rotating unions may be delivered within two or three days. Custom-made rotating unions approximately require eight weeks to be designed, approved, assembled, tested and delivered.

Where are the rotating unions manufactured?

We produce our rotating unions in Hondschoote, North of France. PACQUET PRODUCTION MECANIQUE, our sister company, machines the main components (shafts and housings). These parts are then delivered to PACQUET RACCORD TOURNANT, located 2.5 miles away, in Killem. Everything is crafted in the area from design to assembly.

May I visit the production site?

Should you wish to take a tour of the premises, please make an appointment prior to your visit. Our team would be delighted to welcome you and tell you more about our know-how. You would also get a better insight of the whole manufacturing process, from raw material to finished product.
Where can I find the assembly instructions of the rotating unions you offer?

We have chosen to issue the assembly instruction sheet of our TP1100. You can download it from this page: Our products / TP1100.