Raccord tournant hydraulique TP1000


Designing and manufacturing rotating unions for over 40 years. Previously working closely with steel industry professionals, the company has now developed a wider range of products thus adapting to new fields of activity such as food-processing, machine manufacturing, building, factory automation, sanitation, plastic moulding and many others hence extending their field of expertise. Lately settled in brand new premises, PACQUET RACCORD TOURNANT is now ready to design, make and supply unique pieces of craftsmanship.


raccord-tournant tp 500
Raccord-Tournant TP 1000 90°
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Raccord Tournant TP 4280
Raccord Tournant TP 8000 multipassage

A PACQUET rotating union is designed in its slightest detail to be turned into a unique piece of craftsmanship. The rotating and sealing applications have been separated in the manufacturing process to ensure maximum efficiency. But when put together, these two functions perfectly match making the newly-built rotating union ready for optimum use. 

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What do you specialize in?

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Industry with outstanding savoir-faire.


In every industry you will find exceptional men and tools. Pacquet Raccord Tournant developed their rotating unions counting on the expertise of their skilled craftsmen. Pacquet Raccord Tournant offers a wide range of products all enabling to take maximum advantage of what industry can offer, always bearing in mind specific industrial constraints.

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