Metal production 

Smelting plant

People working in the steel industry have very specific working conditions. They have to cope daily with permanent both axial and radial mechanical loads on piping connections in a dusty environment where temperatures keep changing. Keeping that in mind, these skilled workers dedicate themselves each day to making the quality of the steel they produce even better. Their main concern is also about optimizing the production lines to remain competitive on the global market. PACQUET RACCORD TOURNANT has been working with these professionals for over thirty years providing the sector with adapted solutions to make their tools even more efficient. Reliability and dynamic sealing are two key characteristics turning our rotating unions into unique pieces of craftsmanship.

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olive oil factory

The food-processing industry has to comply with the standards and requirements imposed by current regulations. All professionals work hard to make food quality even better and optimize their production lines. To do so they are constantly trying to improve their industrial process and PACQUET RACCORD TOURNANT supports them in their approach. The rotating unions dedicated to the food-processing industry are specific in their design and comply with SMS/MACON/DIN coupling standards. But once delivered you can still weld our products on your own to make them perfectly match your piping system.

Our rotating unions comply with the European Regulation 1935/2004 on food contact materials. Food Contact Certificates are available on request.

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Making tomorrow’s roads and buildings to improve people’s daily lives and comfort is a demanding task which requires specific skills and high-performance tools. PACQUET RACCORD TOURNANT has developed several specific ranges of rotating unions suitable for any industrial tools.  Concrete, coolant fluids, sludge or even bentonite: our rotating unions have been designed to ensure adapted fluid transfer operations for any fluids under extreme using conditions.

As they are of robust constitution our rotating unions are high-pressure resistant and can endure tensions on piping connections. Their flanged or threaded fittings allow perfect connection to any tools increasing productivity in the process.

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Petrochemical industry

Pharmaceutique 02

In the petrochemical industry danger is all around mainly because the products being used are highly corrosive. Caution is THE key requirement; that’s why the high-performance technologies we use everyday must be 100% safe while providing our workers with a secure environment made of reliable tools. PACQUET RACCORD TOURNANT designed reliable rotating unions made of specific sealing systems that can vary in shape or material. They are thus carefully selected according to their use. Our devices also come with full traceability documentation ensuring optimum results and safety to users.

Tag Archive for “ATEX” testing and Material Certificates are available on request.

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Steel plant

People working in casting daily operate in a very specific working environment where temperatures vary a lot in a dusty setting. But as standard products did not always meet the sector’s requirements PACQUET RACCORD TOURNANT tailored their own solutions. Our customized rotating unions will perfectly meet your expectations regarding size, speed, pressure and nature of the fluid involved in the process. They are also designed to run in a wet environment loaded with particles. Mechanical parts can also be ceramic-coated on request to increase work performance.

THIS is industry helping industry.

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Waste water treatment

Aerial view of industrial wastewater treatment plant in evergreen forest

The purpose of all sanitation devices is to gather wastewater, remove polluting agents it contains with appropriate treatment and then spill it back into the environment. To do so, water treatment plants now benefit from utterly adapted devices that improve treatment efficiency in the process. PACQUET RACCORD TOURNANT and experienced professionals work closely together to ensure efficient and dedicated wastewater transfer operations. Thanks to their specific design, our rotating unions ensure successful transport of wastewater and reliable dynamic sealing applications throughout the whole process. Our rotating unions come in welded-style (butt welding and socket welding) for complete compliance with the requirements of sanitation. Please note that flanges and 90° elbows can also be provided on request.

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Rubber and plastics moulding

Oil mill

Designing and manufacturing rotating moulds suitable for plastics manufacturing are complex operations which require a lot of savoir-faire. Cooling plastics is a hazardous stage as both fluid pressure and temperature need to be handled while securing rotation of the mould; that’s why PACQUET RACCORD TOURNANT put all its expertise and skills at your disposal and is now able to offer you dedicated solutions ensuring high-performance fluid transfer operations from a stationary supply pipe to a rotating unit.

Keeping in mind that quality and responsiveness are main concerns in plastics moulding, delivery of our custom-made rotating unions is made within eight weeks.

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Factory automation 

CNC milling at work

Robotics is a demanding technically-advanced sector where workers have to cope with major constraints. They operate in a wet working environment and also have to deal with major variations both in temperature and pressure. The rotating unions of the sector are designed for high-speed rotation use not to mention the fact that several fluids can sometimes be transferred simultaneously. As our sister company specializes in mechanics, their R&D department is well aware of these working conditions and our rotating unions perfectly suit these requirements.

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Subsea and marine environment


The rotating unions used in the subsea and marine environment have extreme using conditions. The salt contained in the water is highly corrosive and strong savoir-faire is thus required. PACQUET RACCORD TOURNANT tailored specific high-pressure resistant rotating unions that are meant to be fully or partially immersed thus meeting the requirements of the sector. They come in welded and threaded styles. Please note that flanges can also be provided on request.

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