Extra services

Expertise and maintenance

Rotating unions are efficient devices subjected to extreme using conditions and some worn out parts like joints and bearings need to be replaced. Keeping this in mind, Pacquet Raccord Tournant developed a service dedicated to expertise and maintenance whose constant goal is to ensure longer lifespan to your products whatever their origin (Pacquet Raccord Tournant and competitors).



1/ Our service receives the defective rotating unions.
2/ They are then subjected to testing.
3/ We give you a detailed report including complete technical and business proposal.
4/ Following your instructions, our expert work can start and your devices are restored.

Quality control

Pacquet Raccord Tournant makes it a mandatory stage.
All rotating unions are tested to ensure full reliability. We control, assemble, test and pack them all on site because we feel that’s the least we can do.

Custom-made products

If you feel that any of the standard products available in our catalogue can meet your expectations our R&D department is fully available. Please send us your specifications, plans or drawings and one of our R&D experts will come up with a customized solution. We will also involve the company’s expertise and savoir-faire to advise you on how to improve your products and your process as a whole.

How to send your plans?

Visit the “Contact” page.
Fill out the mandatory blanks and attach your files.
We will send you a preliminary study together with a quote.
Following your instructions, we will work in close partnership with you and analyse the matter in-depth until we come up with the very solution you need.

Send your plans
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